Electrochemistry of semiconductors

Porous III-V Semiconductors by I. Tiginyanu, S. Langa, H. Föll and V. Ursachi

> The basics of Solids and Solutions > Basics notions about solids > Basics notions about electrolyte solutions > The Schottky Barrier > Metal-electrolyte interface models > Influence of Redox Couples on the Fermi Energy of the Electrode > Space Charge Layer in Semiconductors > Helmholtz and Gouy Layers in Electrolyte Solutions > Electrochemical Cells and Potentiostats

Several books have been published up to now about porous Si, the most recent one was published by Lehmann [8]. However, none of them refers in details to semiconductors other than Si. With the exception of the first chapter - porous silicon, this book is dedicated exclusively to porous III-V compound semiconductors. Electrochemistry of III-V compounds is intrinsically more complicated, two types of atoms have to be dissolved, as compared with electrochemistry of Si, where only one atom is involved. Therefore, the understanding of the main principles of electrochemistry of III-V semiconductors is a must for understanding pore formation in these compound materials.

Metal-Water interface

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