Porous III-Vs

Porous III-V Semiconductors by I. Tiginyanu, S. Langa, H. Föll and V. Ursachi

> Why Porous III-V Materials and What are the Challenges? > Anisotropy of III-V Compounds > Chemical dissolution > Electrochemical Etching > Current Voltage Characteristics > Current Burst Model and III-V Compounds > Crystallographically oriented pores > Current-line Oriented Pores > Domains of Crystallographically Oriented Pores in GaAs > Tetrahedron-like Pores in (100)-oriented GaAs > Voltage Oscillations at Semiconductor Electrodes > Observation of Voltage Oscillations in pore formation regime > Temperature and Current Density Dependence of the Oscillating Frequency > Current Burst Model and Voltage Oscillations > Self-organized single-crystalline porous structures > Towards Uniform 3D Structures in GaAs

A collage of the first 2.5D single pore crystal obtained by self-organization.

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